Pope Francis Embraces Darwinian Evolution


Recently Pope Francis publically embraced the theory of Evolution, and spoke out against traditional creationism.

“When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so”. Pope Francis

The Pope mistakenly has difficulty believing that God would supernaturally create the universe, and by embracing Darwinian Evolution he limits Gods creation to something entirely naturalistic. When Jesus came to earth – he did supernatural miracles, like turning water (H20) instantly into wine (C2H5OH – Alcohol, plus many other molecules). Of course naturally this is impossible! No human can change the chemical composition H20 into C2H5OH instantly. But God is beyond the constraints of nature. He created nature! Likewise, when he created the universe, he did so supernaturally, not naturalistically. It doesn’t make sense that the creation of nature would be limited to nature (which at that point didn’t even exist).

Evolution is a slippery word because there are different kinds of evolution, and often when discussing the topic equivocation takes place – switching out what’s meant by the same term.

Micro evolution is the variations within the boundaries of a kind (usually a ‘genus’ grouping) – e.g. large dog to small dog evolution, Charles Darwin’s famous finch observations, or even small changes within bacteria. This kind of evolution almost everyone accepts, creationists included! This is something we observe today, and it’s something the bible teaches (Genesis 1:24).

Macro evolution is the idea that molecules over vast periods of time eventually became man. Microbes evolved to become micro-biologists. This kind of evolution isn’t observable, but often equivocally is switched out with micro evolution as though one implies the other.

There are also different forms of evolution (macro evolution) – grouped together with a worldview; you have Atheistic Evolution, Deistic Evolution, and Theistic Evolution (espoused by Pope Francis).

Atheistic Evolution of course is completely random and is an unguided process. There is no intelligent mind driving the process whatsoever. Deistic Evolution usually encompasses the idea that an intelligent designer began the process, and left it to continue the evolutionary cycle, without any intervention, concern, or care. Thirdly, Theistic Evolution is the idea that an intelligent designer started the process, and may/may not have guided the process.

Today it’s become popular, and for some Christians easier to embrace a secular belief about origins that finds itself firmly founded upon flimsy foundations. Many Christians and non-Christians alike have been deceived into believing the lie of microbe to microbiologist evolution (macro evolution). Scientifically, this idea is neither necessary nor justified!

On a scientific front – I want to encourage you to check out alternative explanations for the scientific data before embracing theistic evolution over biblical creationism (see some great websites below with thousands of articles written by respected PhD scientists).




On a theological front – evolution places death before sin, undermining the message of the gospel which stands firmly upon the assumption that sin brought death into the world (Romans 5:12, 1 Corinthians 15:21).


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