Foundations – Faith Founded From Facts
Genre: Christian Living
Publisher: Glorify God Ministries
ISBN: 9781502342515
This book controversially addresses some of the most basic elementary principles of the Christian faith a midst a world and culture that has neglected Gods word in favor of the philosophies of men. With topics ranging from the creation of the world to the Second Coming of Jesus - this book is sure to challenge some of the most fundamental ideas that have crossed your path! Some of the topics included (among others) are: 1. Creation & evolution 2. Noah’s flood & the angelic/human hybrid problem (giants) 3. Gods law & the Prophets 4. The life, death, burial & resurrection of Jesus 5. What it means to be ‘born again’ 6. The rapture, resurrection & 2nd Coming of Jesus 7. Scientific evidences for Gods existence This book isn't exclusively for discipleship, but it’s also great for evangelism! It covers many of the common objections people have to the Christian faith and aims to lay a solid foundation for new Christians as well as to strengthen the foundations of those that have been in the faith for some time.
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