Supernatural Street Evangelism Testimonies : Nov 2013


We had been asked to train 30 YWAM students in street evangelism so on Tuesday 12th Nov 2013, we took them all out to preach the good news of Jesus on the streets of Mooloolaba. Many people heard the good news of Jesus and his kingdom and one lady gave her life to the Lord! After most of the students had left, we ran into 3 Germans traveling their way through Australia. They were drunk, but we were able to share the gospel with them in an understandable way, and talk about various moral and relationship issues. I was able to have a good conversation with one of them – who felt convicted when we talked about Gods definition of what covenant relationships should be like. It was wonderful to see that as we spoke about the things of God, he began to become more and more sober. It was apparent that he recognized the truth as it was being spoken. After talking for a while, I felt to pray for him – and as I was praying, the Lord gave me words of knowledge, wisdom, and a prophesy to speak into his life and circumstances. As I was praying and prophesying – he began to here me speaking in his native language – German! I have never been able to speak German in my life, nor can I understand German. Yet he heard me in German, and I heard myself in English. God’s gifts were being used that night to bring him glory! Afterwards he had tears in his eyes, and he gave me a big hug and said thank you! It was wonderful how his stance changed towards the gospel after praying for him, and explaining some of his objections relating to God and suffering. Sometimes the saying is so true; “people don’t care what you know, until they know that you care”.

Two weeks later (22 Nov 2013) we went out with a smaller team of about 7 or so people. We had a great time of prayer and worship. We were able to speak to many groups of teenagers, because it was schoolies week, and I even felt led to perform a modern day poem/rap that I wrote which presents the gospel in a relevant way to the younger generations. It was about 1AM, just before we were about to leave when we felt led to speak to one last group. About ½ of them were drunk, while the other half sober. I performed the rap again, and that opened many doors for conversations. As Mike was explaining the good news to the group, I was able to have a one-on-one conversation with a bloke called Simon. Simon was completely sober – which was great. I shared with him the goodness and justice of God, the law, and the good news of the death, burial and resurection of Jesus Christ. He asked me; “if I were to die tonight, would I go to heaven?”. I said; “because you havent repented of your sins, and you haven’t placed your faith and trust in Jesus, if you were to die right now, you would be eternally seperated from God in the place of torment called Hell.” You could see that he was cut to the heart, and he asked me where I would go if I were to die. I was able to share that not because of my own good works, but because of what Jesus did on the cross, and because I have repented, and placed my faith in Jesus, I have received the Holy Spirit who was sent as seal, guaranteeing my inheritance and salvation that will appear at the coming of Jesus. He immediately said; “what must I do to get right with God?”

I led him in a prayer of repentance, appologising to God for his sins. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour – and God again gave me the gift of prophesy to speak into his life, circumstances, and future. After praying he was speechless! His arms began to lift and he said that he felt so light – it was as if he could fly! He said that a burden had been lifted off of him, and he has never felt this way in his entire life! I told him that this was the Holy Spirit – who has come, and has sealed him! It was wonderful – we were both filled with great joy!

We then exchanged numbers – and he asked for my last name. I said; ‘leckenby’, and as he was writing it into his phone, he froze and looked at me with absolute shock. He said; “… two nights ago I had a dream…” then was silent for about two minutes. I asked him what the dream was about. He said; “I saw an angel flying over a grave yard. Underneath there were graves everywhere. The angel was carrying a sign, and written on the sign was the word; ‘leckenby’! The angel dropped the sign down into the grave yard, and as the sign landed, all of the graves disappeared.”

It was absolutely AMAZING! We both knew that the interpretation was that he was identified as one of those assigned to those graves. He was dead in his sin, but just now had been made alive in Christ! It was a great confirmation not just that he was saved, but also for me – that God has a plan to use our family name to bring resurection life to those dead in sin, through the power and authority of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!


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