Reasons Why Non-Intelligence Bringing Into Existence Complexity Isn’t An Option


There are two options when contemplating where the complexity of the universe originates.

  1. The first is that there is no intelligence behind the order and complexity that we observe.
  2. The second is that there is an intelligent mind behind the order and complexity that we observe.

The first option necessitates, and makes provision only for natural processes to in an unguided manner arrive at the complexity we see today. There are two problems with this option.

Irreducible complexity. At the anatomical, cellular and molecular level – living things have intricate features that cannot function with any less complexity. What does this mean? It means that for these things to have come into existence through naturalistic processes alone, all of their features would have had to come together simultaneously. We don’t know whether or not this is possible. We can’t say that it’s absolutely impossible for this to have occurred – but we can say that as far as we know, this has idea has not yet been shown plausible.

The second problem lies in the event that irreducible complexity is proven plausible through some kind of naturalistic means. If it were plausible – the probability of this occurring would be absolutely absurd. Even if it’s plausible that this could have taken place – the statistical probability of our earth arriving at the perfect conditions for life is so minute. We could liken the situation to a poker game. Your opponent is dealt 20 perfect hands sequentially. 20 Royal Flush hands one after another are dealt to your opponent. You have two options; concluding based on the evidence that your opponent just got lucky – chance was on his side, and he happened to be that 1/649,740 not once – but each and every instance that hand was dealt out. The second option is to conclude that the deck was rigged by an intelligent mind that your opponent cheated. The second option is very plausible, but the first is so statistically improbable that we would just say; ‘it just doesn’t happen’. For someone to accept those statistical odds would be intellectually unwise. Likewise – to accept that chance brought into existence complexity isn’t in alignment with reason, statistics, or reality.


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