Why the supernatural is necessary


The supernatural is not just likely, but necessary. Here is why. Scientists today know that the universe had a beginning. There are three evidences that explain why.

1.) Second law of thermodynamics

Firstly, the second law of thermodynamics was one of the tools physicists used to discover that the universe couldn’t be eternal. The universe is winding down, and so at some point, it was wound up. Because energy dissipates – if the universe were eternal, energy would no longer exist. The fact that energy exists shows us that the universe is not eternal.

2.) Expanding universe

Secondly, in 1929, Edward Hubble discovered that the universe is expanding, and that everything came from a single point. The expanding universe shows that the universe itself had a point from which it began expanding.

3.) General Relativity

Thirdly, Albert Einstein made the discovery that space, time and matter are co-relative. They came into existence together, and cannot function apart from each other.

Logical Implications

Because time, space and matter (nature) came into existence, it follows that the cause is not subject to nature’s constraints. In other words – whatever it was that caused nature to come into existence, transcends nature, or we could say is necessarily supernatural.

The supernatural isn’t just impossible – it’s certain.


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